VW Polo 1.0L TSI

VW Polo 1.0L TSI

VW Polo 1.0L TSI


September 25

This has to be a very special moment. Ten years ago, when Quarter Mile magazine started out, the VW Polo had just hit the market and here we are, both celebrating our 10th Anniversary together. There has been a demand for both, even today both are sought after by enthusiasts.

Of course, the magazine has changed a lot more in these years than the Polo. The Polo had a refresh last year when it gained the GTI style bumper and a new cladding under the running board that continues on to the rear diffuser. Although it’s a generation old, it still looks good after all these years.

It still exudes the Germanic build and tautness that people have come to love about them and nowhere is this more visible than the insides. The familiar dashboard and controls are well made and feel solid. The front seats are great, it’s the rear that is short on space. The 6.5 inch infotainment screen is small but sharp and has Apple Car Play. There is a no reverse camera which is strange.

The 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engine is the talking point now and replaces the 1.2 turbo petrol 4 cylinder from the old GT TSI. It is down on one cylinder, but power has jumped from 105 to 110 bhp while torque has remained the same at 175Nm. It is noticeably quicker moving off the line and performance is stronger after 2500rpm. It does 0-100kmph in 9.9 seconds a full second quicker than the 1.2 TSI DSG. The engine is at best when wound up, because at low revs, pottering around town you can feel the 3 cylinder imperfection. This engine doesn’t have a balancer shaft and it judders a little when you are crawling over speed bumps.

The steering is light and lacks feel, but with grippy tyres, stiff chassis and good brakes, you can really throw this car around a few corners and come out smiling.

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