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January 14

No matter which generation you pick, the Honda Accord is a very versatile car to go modding with. A great chassis, competent engines and lots of aftermarket support make this comfortable sedan a great base for a tuner car. It is also a car that can carry a lot of styling themes successfully; so it is possible to go track-spec in one, just as easily as it is going VIP in another. The eighth generation in particular, carries the VIP look perfectly and looks smashing when stanced right. And it is one of the few cars that begs to have large wheels, at least 18 inch, because of its generous full size American proportions.

Not a problem with Vinu’s Accord. Being the V6, it came with 17 inch wheels as opposed to the 16 inchers on the four cylinder version. But Vinu had them swapped for a set of 20 inch Vossen CVTs. And with the perfect stretch and right lowering, his Accord has impressive stance – both standstill and on the move.  The paintwork has been treated to a deep shine and some of the chrome details such as the front grille and logos have been blacked out for a more sinister look. The slightly straight edged front chin has been crafted to give it a more aggressive face, but smoother skirts have been used for a cleaner look around the sides and rear. A subtle spoiler and a silver tow hook complete the rear.

If the exteriors are impressive, wait till you see what’s inside. The black and beige interiors of the Accord have been traded for a sporty red and black theme, thanks to the good guys at Color Glo. Instead of changing the leather altogether, the factory spec seats and other beige leather trim have been re-dyed to red colour. And from the looks of it, they seem to have done a thorough job. The dashboard has the Caska Accord CO-AT 3639 G In-Car Entertainment System that beautifully integrates an 8-inch LCD and brings home useful features such as iPod connectivity, Bluetooth handsfree and USB compatibility.

Top Highlights

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Now, buying an Accord V6 is about driving than anything else, so we fired up the 3.5litre J35Z2 V6 and unleashed all of 271bhp. This 60 degree V6, features four valves per cylinder, SOHC with VTEC on the intake side. Even in these days when turbochargers rule, there is a place for a naturally aspirated engine like this one. There is no let up in power and it keeps pulling like a freight train, despite the slow torque convertor gearbox.  This is also an engine that features Variable Cylinder Management, switching to four or even three cylinder operation depending on load conditions.

To reduce vibrations, Honda has employed active engine mounts that replicate the vibrations that are out of phase, so it feels smooth and vibe-free when the ECO light comes on. Not that we had it coming on that often during our brief spin, especially when we were unleashing most of the 339N-m torque the V6 offered. The BC Racing coilovers, have a significant level of stiffness, but there is no forgetting the planted feel it offers to the car as speed picks up. The245/35 R20 Nitto NT555 tyres offered decent performance with extended tyre life as a bonus compared to other high performance offerings from the brand.

Vinu’s Accord V6 build is a stark contrast to anything we have seen recently.  It is an all-out, no-expenses-spared build by 0-100 Autoworx and the level of attention to detail is obvious. For the time being, Vinu is enjoying the car, but we are curious as to what he wants to do next.





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