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January 5

Traction control turned off, just the right amount of throttle and lifting off the brakes, the BMW takes off like a scalded cat. The standard 530d is fast enough, but this remapped one is a completely different animal. The grip from the massive 285 section Pirelli P Zero rear tyres is no match for the kick from the twin scroll turbo up front. With two people on board, on a hot day we clocked a 0-100kmph in 5.67 seconds on our Racelogic Performance box. Digging back into the archives, it revealed that a BMW M5 in similar situations managed 4.85 sec. It must be said then, for all practical purposes, you are better off buying a 530d and tuning it.

And that is exactly what Sreekanth from Kochi did. He bought his 530d in 2012. It was originally white but one year later he decided it needs to stand out from the crowd a bit more and painted it in this shade of French Racing Blue seen on the Jaguar XKR-S and XFR-S. It is quite similar to the Riviera Blue from the M5 catalogue and the job which was done at Red Fox still looks factory fresh. Along with it, he opted for a set of 20 inch Matte grey Vossen CV5 wheels which neatly ties with the colour of the car.

The N57D30 (O0 series) engine in the 530d makes do with a single turbo and about 2000bar of rail pressure. Straight from the factory, it produces 254bhp power and 560N-m torque. Coupled to an ZF 8 speed gearbox, the engine stays in the meat of its powerband all of the time. It is a torque convertor automatic, but it can still upshift in about 200 milliseconds. A turbo-back exhaust from famous BMW experts AC Schnitzer, gives it a rorty sound although the lack of any kind of secondary catcon element makes it a little smokey on full bore acceleration. Red Band Racing in association with Tune-o-tronics has managed to completely alter the behavior of the engine.

Top Highlights

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Traction control in dynamic mode, the BMW lunges forward like a sportscar with a bootful of revs. The acceleration is staggering and there is a new found energy and dynamism in the way it delivers its power. In fact, it performs more like the twin turbo 535d or 640d engine now. Powerband seems to be wider and the turbo kicks in much sharper. Part throttle responses are so good, you wonder why can’t all diesels be like this.

The wheel track is perfect, although Sreekanth hasn’t bothered to lower it. He wants the car to be more usable and practical in the everyday context, so lowering was out of question.

Large 20 inch wheels and wider tyres slow it down somewhat, although the grip offered by the Pirelli PZero tyres cannot be faulted. The car runs 255/35 R20 tyres at the front and 285/30R20 at the rear. The interiors of the car are bone stock finished in Cinnamon Brown and Fineline anthracite wood trim.

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