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February 20

Quarter Mile readers have varying tastes. Some like to keep their cars stock, while their counterparts are hell bent into modifying them to suit their tastes. Some prefer to add bucket loads of power while others are constantly working hard to make their cars handle that little bit better. And we have people trying to make their car look distinctive and others who want sleepers that look like stock cars and go like hell. And then we have the audio guys, for whom, no amp is powerful enough and no subwoofer is punchy enough.

Meet Santhosh Kumar, a well established business man from Cochin, in his thirties and his 2009 Honda City automatic. He doesn’t want more power, but to him looking good is just as important as sounding loud. Santhosh has owned this car for only a year, but the list of mods on his car can rival some dedicated audio demo cars. We counted eleven speakers before we got bored and concentrated on the photography instead.

Part of the City’s appeal is the Mugen body kit it sports. Imported from Malaysia, the kit comes with four skirts and the mesh grille, costing a total of Rs.22000. The spoiler was separately bought as was the tasty stickering with Japanese font. The City rides on 16 inch white Lenso Samurai wheels shod with 205/50R16 GT tyres- the first mod Santhosh did on his car.

Top Highlights

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Coming back to the audio install, the first step was sound deadening. Galaxy Pro Audio, who did the audio install, used Dynamat Extreme liberally on the doors, trunk and inside rear fenders to cut down on noise and reverberations. They also filled the empty spaces behind panels with closed cell foam. A Pioneer AVH P4250 touch screen DVD player – a device that is very popular and known for its versatility – was chosen as the source. Providing the front sound stage are two pairs of Focal polyglass components two on each door with their tweeters on the base of the A pillar.

One of the two main drivers is aimed towards the driver/passenger’s ear for optimal staging. Two Focal co-axials go into the stock locations on the rear doors and two more sit atop the rear parcel tray. The boot has an 800W MTX Thunder 8000 square subwoofer sitting on its own ported enclosure. Powering the sub is a Rockford Fosgate T1000 class-D monoblock amplifier. The Honda City being a petrol car has a smaller alternator and battery. So for this application, a more efficient classs D amplifier was chosen to power the sub. Another amplifier that shares trunk space is the Audison SR4 65x4W that powers the twin components upfront. Three shiny Sound stream capacitors of 2ohm each in the right side of the boot, stabilize the voltage and prevent fluctuations.

Galaxy has also done a clean job of making the system look as good as it sounds. There are LED accent lighting around the speakers inside the car. The boot has perspex displays with Audison and Focal engraving, that light up in a cool shade of blue. The white net lining on the three slots around the subwoofer enclosure is another neat touch. Focal polyglass component speakers are good for listening to music at low volumes with minor details enhanced and made audible. But with the MTX sub in the boot thundering along, everything the Polyglass has would just sink in the bass. Hence the need for two sets of component speakers, says the installer. Turn everything on and you are effectively converting petrol into music. But ask any audiophile and they would agree, there has never been a better use for the fossil fuel before.

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