Range Rover Velar


July 1


This is perhaps the only Range Rover that would look wrong, out there, playing in the dirt. Not that it isn’t capable off road, it just looks so sharp and well dressed up for the fashion streets of London or Paris that it is hard to imagine taking one to deal with mud or sand. But that is what we did anyway, when we got JLR’s press car for a week here.

The Velar has a characteristic high waistline and a low roofline to give it a very sleek futuristic look. The lines are crisp and there is a minimalism to everything.  Even the door handles are retractable, to make the body lines cleaner. This has to be the most stylish SUV launched last year. Don’t judge by the wheels on this mid spec SE car. It begs to have bigger rims, this car.

The interiors are yet another area where the Velar wowed everyone when it first came out. The mix of modern textured materials on the dashboard, the lattice inside the speaker grille that replicate the union jack and let’s not forget this was the first Range Rover to debut the dual screen ‘Touch Pro Duo’. The seats are comfy, though you sit much lower than in a Range Rover Sport. Still it is comfortable and the high shoulder line, makes you feel cocooned.


Powering this Velar is the Ingenium 2.0 litre four cylinder petrol engine with 247bhp and 366Nm. It is a lively motor with good midrange and plenty of passing power. With its chassis shared with the Jaguar F Pace, the Velar feels the sportiest car in the Range Rover line up right now. The steering is precise and the Velar has good composure at high speeds. The brakes on our car were recently replaced and had good bite.


If style is your thing, the Velar has you covered. It is expensive, costing upwards of Rs.80 lakhs, but there is more to this brute than its designer clothing.

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