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January 14

If you ever wanted to make a living out of tuning cars, here is some career advice you will not find anywhere else. Pete’s Automotive Pvt Limited -a long standing name in the Indian performance tuning industry, is starting a Pete’s Tuning Academy in Kochi for training youngsters who wants to start a career in Engine Tuning.The course which spans over four days will teach the basics of diesel and gasoline engines, how engine management systems work and how you can remap the engine safely for better performance and fuel efficiency.

It is the first of its kind Tuning Academy in India and one of the very few in the world. The course will be handled by experts from the field and students will be allowed to familiarize with various types of interfaces and tools to perform a proper remap on a vehicle of their choice. With the first batch scheduled to begin in March 2015, here is all you need to know.

Top Highlights

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1. Basic Tuning Course – (2 days)
    Day One:

  • Introduction to the ECU and the world of chiptuning
  • Torque, Power, and Emissions
  • Combustion and Carburetion: Theory, AFR, Lambda probe (oxygen sensor)
  • Gasoline Engine: Structure and operation details of the injection system
  • Diesel Engine: Structure and operation details of the injection system

    Day Two:

  • What is an original file, where can you find it, how does it work and its structure?
  • ECU: Functions and peculiarities·
  • KESSv2: OBD reading/writing tool·
  • K-TAG: reading/writing tool interfaced with the Microprocessor·
  • ECM Titanium: Chiptuning software·
  • Examples of how to modify a map: Diesel & gasoline engine·
  • Necessary checks to test correct tuning.

2. Advanced course on Diesel Engine – (1 Day)

Huge performance benefits can be had from mapping a Turbo Diesel car. The Pete’s “Advanced course on Diesel Engine” is designed to enable students optimize the tuning of any car, from the principal systems of Diesel car to the ECU and the evolution of the main fuel injection systems. Different kinds of cars, engines and ECU are provided to give a broad view and practical examples of tuning. (This course can be done only in combination with the basic tuning course).

3. Advanced Course on Petrol Engine – (1 Day)

Tuning a petrol engine properly is a real challenge. The “Advanced course on Gasoline Engine” aims to deepen the comprehension of the engine and the systems of a modern gasoline car, with a focus on the carburetion and the evolution of fuel systems. Like in the advanced course on diesel engines, different kinds of cars, engines and ECU will be made available to give a broad view and practical examples of tuning. (This course can be done only in combination with the basic tuning course).


  • 1. Basic Tuning course : 52000/-
  • 2. Advanced Petrol : 28000/-
  • 3. Advanced Diesel : 28000/-
  • 4. Total Tuning course : 108000/-

*Taxes Extra


Anybody with basic automobile knowledge and computer literate can apply for this course.The initial selection process will be completed soon after and you will be intimated if you have been chosen to attend the telephonic interview, after which the selected candidates who pay the fees will be enrolled for the course.

Pete’s Automotive Pvt Ltd has been the pioneers in the field of diesel tuning in India and carries with them huge expertise from tuning various models. The course is offered in association with Alien-Tech who provides the tools and interface required for remapping a car. Students who avail the course can purchase these tools at a special price, after the completion of the course too.

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