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June 29

Well, super saloons have been there for ages. Taking supercar levels of power and combining it with the practicality and everyday usability of a sedan has been a popular formula ever since the German autobahns were opened. Over the years, we had come to a point where these are so good, you don’t know where they would go next. Well, thanks to the times we live in, you can now have a 600bhp all wheel drive four door sedan with a Mercedes badge up front. Enter the E63 S AMG – one of the fastest four door sedans you can buy on the planet.

The Mercedes E63 S we tested came in stunning Selenite Grey Magno matte paint. It looks swell next to the regular E class that is only available in the V213 long wheelbase guise. Then there is the AMG GT style bonnet line with extended bumper that wraps up around the twin slat grill giving it a meaner look. The fenders are 11mm wider, the air dams are very aggressive and there are strong bulges on the bonnet that allude to the power house underneath. The 20 inch forged rims fill the arches so well and are fitted with massive 265/35R20 and 295/30R20 tyres – front and rear. Things are much more subtle at the rear where there is a subtle lip spoiler on the bootlid and quad exhausts like there should be in an AMG.

Inside, it has all the business side of going fast, well taken care of. The seats are proper AMG sport buckets, the steering is great to hold and because it is an E class, it has all the gadgets and gizmos to keep you entertained. The twin screens dominate most of the dashboard and the controls are logically laid out. You can dive deep into the menu to find an option to tweak everything, that little bit better, or use the easy access toggles in the centre console. The rear seat may not have the huge legroom of the regular E class, but it is still plenty.


Mercedes has replaced the old 5.5 litre V8 in the previous E63, with a 4.0 litre twin turbo M177 V8 mated to a new slick 9 speed automatic. In the E63S, it produces 604bhp and 850Nm –mind-blowing figures for a family sedan. It has two ‘hot’ BorgWarner turbos which sit within the V, than on either side. While in theory, that may not look good for centre of mass or turbine temperature, the short runner length makes them extremely quick to spool. Every time you prod the accelerator, you get a mad rush, accompanied by a gravelly V8 noise that only AMG can manage from a turbocharged engine. It hurls you from one corner to the next and the Ceramic composite brakes are just as good at shedding speed as the engine is at building up. The exhaust crackles and pops like gun shots every time you get off the gas pedal. Mercedes claims a 0-100kmph time of 3.4 seconds and to think that this one weighs 1955kg!

For years, you wanted an all-wheel drive track focussed car for grip and a rear wheel drive tyre shredding hooligan to go sideways. Finally thanks to a clever 4Matic all -wheel drive system in the E63, you can have both. It is quite like a Nissan GTR in the way it sends it power. It always feels rear biased and non-intrusive. It lets the steering angle dictate how far the rear end slides, before correcting it. You can also get it in full rear wheel drive Drift Mode followed by some very expensive tyre bills later. Whatever mode you choose, there is a newfound precision in the E63 AMG that you will enjoy. The E63 S uses an electronically controlled limited slip differential at the rear. The steering is very well weighted and there is a sense of urgency in the way, the big saloon changes direction. It is so controllable and poised, it would shame most supercars. The E63 uses air suspension all round and although ride quality is a bit edgy you can’t fault the grip and traction it has.


The E63 AMG retails for Rs.1.5 Crores Ex.showroom. That might seem a lot of money, but its breadth of abilities is immense. It can be the perfect unassuming sedan to arrive at a business meeting and later that day you can take the whole family out for dinner in it. It can cross continents with ease and then do some fast laps on a race track of your choice over the weekend. And when you are happy with the time you set, celebrate it with some very long drifts. All that while being accompanied by that glorious V8 rumble that announce to the world that you have arrived.


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