Loud N’ Stanced.

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February 13

For most people, People carriers are just that. They take a whole family and their luggage from one point to another in comfort. No one cares what they look like and most of them are actually boxes on wheels with style often taking the back seat. So for modifying and looking good on the street, you pick something sporty and light, say a quick sedan or a hot hatch. That has been the established rule. But Arun Kumar from Thrissur has other ideas about his people carrier and when we saw his creation, we knew he had a point.

Sitting pretty on the road is why we liked it in the first place. Part of the stance is down to the super wide 17x 10 J Lenso Raiden rims with Michelins stretched to their limits. These are actually 225./50 R17 tyres, but the stretch makes them look even lower in profile than that. The rounded edges make the wheels look like they belong to the BatPod. This may not be the most practical mod and one needs to be really careful about the sidewalls on broken roads, but boy, it does look cool. The car sits lower on H&R springs.

The body kit is neatly integrated into the bumpers to give it a very rounded look that goes well with the rest of the body style. The side skirts are fairly straight forward, though they flare out considerably at the bottom. We particularly like the thin spoiler at the base of the rear windscreen, with the slot for the rear wiper. The bonnet has two black additions with Momo logos on what looks like Heat sinks on an amplifier. The headlamps are imported projector units with day time running LEDs in them. There is also a fender mirror and two fog lamp units mounted on the front bumper. The carbon fibre stickers cover various trims and there is a Thule roof carried for mounting different accessories. And oh, we nearly forgot, it is all finished in Lamborghini Yellow.


Top Highlights

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Loud is one word for describing Arun’s Innova. Not just the colour, it also had a load of speakers, so it is properly loud. MB Quart speakers ensure audio fill the cabin, four screens dominate head rests and the boot is taken up by an unusual looking wooden box with more speakers and subwoofers on them. A few light presses on the Kenwood DDX5036 touch screen unit engulfed us in a stream of music so loud, it makes the yellow colour pale in comparison. One the engine side, it has a BMC CDA filter and a tuning box, but that’s all it needed for this boom box on wheels.

We like it because it can still carry seven people and blow their ears off.

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