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February 14

Cars are an extension of one’s personality. And then there is customization, which we like to think of as a personality development. Some go for looks, others go for performance, but in the end, it is all about making it different. Anees Ali Sapri- a 20 year old engineering student from Thrissur, didn’t have to think twice about which route to go when he chose a 2010 Civic VMT for his project.

Now, if this looks familiar, it is because it was done by the same guys at Auto Tech Bosch Services in North Paravur. These are the same guys who did Vimin’s Civic which was covered in our previous issue. The place is brimming with many interesting creations – thanks to a certain Mr. Mohammed Ansari and his team, whose fabrication skills are out of this world. It was only logical for Anees to go there even if it meant, driving forty kilometers from where he lives.

Anees bought his Civic as a daily driver last year and started it off with the bonnet, headlamps and tail lights. The vented bonnet is a very light weight carbon fibre unit from Cabon Teknics and are secured with Aero Catches on both end. The headlights have VW Passat style DRLs around the projector beam units while the rear lamps are full LED units with smoked effect. The Mugen RR body kit and grille complete the front end, while the rear is characterized by a rather sizeable spoiler, Mugen style diffuser with twin tail pipes and a black tail lid. Other notable features include carbon fibre dipped mirrors, rain visors and a tiltable number plate extender at the front.

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The car runs on Vossen replica rims in 8J and 9J widths shod with 235/40 R18 tyres. It also has Vogtland lowering springs to get the ride height further down. Performance mods, at the moment are restricted to an HKS end can and an Auto gauge i-Drive throttle controller for improved throttle response. The interiors almost untouched except for Sparco pedals, seat belt covers, mats etc. But that is all about to change as Anees is planning to go for a set of Recaro reclinable seats and install a Rockford Fosgate audio system. He also has plans to paint the car TypeR blue and install a K&N Apollo filter. As an ending note to this feature, Anees would like to thank his friends, Niyas EK, Mathew Francis, Jeff Johnson and Faizal of Galaxy Automotive for their support.

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