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February 8

Tata has gone rallying with the new Bolt, along with Team Kajah Motorsports at the 2015 Rally of Coimbatore. Two brand new Bolts were sent to TKM to participate in the rounds of FMSCI – Indian Rally Championship 2015, as Safety cars (Zero Car). TKM had just fifteen days to complete the build and take part in the second round of the IRC at the Kethanur windmill farms near Coimbatore. Although the Bolt wasn’t part of the competition, it performed exceedingly well on the same grueling rally course as established rally cars like Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions, Cedias, Honda Cities, Maruti Esteems, VW Polos and Mahindra XUV 500s were running for honors . The final victory went to Mr. Lohitt Urs of Mysore with navigator Srikanth in a Mitsubishi Evo VIII run by the Malaysian Team – MRU.

TKM said “We are happy about our association with Tata Motors who has boldly come forward to test their new car on rally terrain. Rallying is as thorough as any endurance test ever gets. It is a combined test of strength, durability and build quality that replicates many years of use in a matter of minutes. The findings from rallying have often benefitted car manufacturers around the world who use it for further improvements in the product.

The Bolt holds a lot of potential to become a successful rally car. For a start, it has got the basics right, like a capable platform with great structural rigidity and good suspension geometry. With the right modifications, it can be turned into an outright rally machine that can conquer the toughest of rally terrains” said Zuhin (Champion IRC, 2012) who was behind the wheel of the rally Bolt with Shaji Thattil – his old time navigator.

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We are glad that Yokohama & Motul Oils too have come forward to support us with Rally Tyres and Lubes for the Tata Bolt – Rally program.”

The Indian Motorsports fraternity was more than happy to see another truly Indian car manufacturer enter rallying too. Starting with a brand new car that no one has ever rallied before is a challenge. The level of R&D that goes into this is immense and TKM is working hard to improve the Rally Bolt even further. The dream is to turn it into a thorough and sought-after rally car by the end of the season in December.

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