Less is More : Polo GT TSI

Vivek Venugopal

November 5

Remember the Jazz with an L15A engine transplant, couple of issues back? Well, the owner of that car started out with this GT TSI which he modified to a point where it was too valuable and impractical to drive around every day. The Jazz was bought as a beater to fill in, which he then felt was underpowered and hence the engine swap happened. Any way, we promised you a story on his Polo GT TSI then and here it is.

Having featured two of his cars earlier too, Arjun is no stranger to Quarter Mile. For the Polo, he has gone with a ‘less is more’ approach. His Polo GT TSI has a very clean look to it. He has gone for the OEM LED headlamps from a Vento Highline Plus. It goes well with the chrome delete on the front grille and the glossy black bits. The sides are as clean as they could be and the rear gets the LED tail lamps from the facelifted GTI.  There is a custom R Line steering with Nappa leather and carbon fibre finish but the rest of the interiors are bone stock.

It looks right sitting on 17 inch Inforged wheels wearing 205/40R17 Hankook V12 Evo tyres. The car runs on KW variant 3 coilovers. The ride height is quite low, but the wheels are well lined up with the body which coupled with the already clean look of the Polo is hard to beat. To achieve this perfect fitment, Arjun resorted to a pair of 16mm TPI forged spacers at the rear. Peek inside the front wheels and you get a glimpse of the Brembo slotted rotors.

This Polo was his daily driver for quite some time before it was lowered. The GT TSI with its 1.2 litre EA111 is an engineering masterpiece. As the first Indian hatchback to offer direct injection and turbo petrol power, it features a cast aluminium block, an 8 valve head and a die-forged steel crankshaft. The engine in its stock form makes 104bhp at 5000rpm and 175Nm torque from 1500-4000rpm. The engine in this particular car benefits from a Code6 remap, a Forge Motorsports Blow off valve, a BMC replacement filter with Euro Spec air channel and an Automech Decat pipe with a Remus endcan. Needless to say it sounds as good as it goes.

As of now, Arjun also got his hands on a Laura TSI which he is planning to take to the performance to stage 3 levels. Once he has done that, he has plans to plonk that engine into this GT TSI. If that happens, you will have a garage built Indian Polo GTI with five doors and a manual transmission. We promise to bring a feature as soon as it cranks for the first time.

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