Killed: Only to be resurrected.

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February 15

We love it when a different motor comes along. Among innumerable VAGs and endless JDMs, when a sweet Logan shows up, we can’t help but take notice. And getting noticed was the aim when Mohammed Faizal started working on his Romanian car.

“I wanted to be different from the current crop of cars. Where’s the fun when everyone drives modified Honda Citys?” quips Faisal. We have been eyeing this Logan for quite sometime and a lot has changed in this period. The old Project Ds have been swapped for these red 17 inchers. The front bumper has new louvers on either side of the factory fog lamps and a new chin with DRLs inside it. The front grille has been modified to have a cleaner looks along with a new mesh although that is partially blocked by two big Hella fog lamps. The headlamps are aftermarket projectors with smoked insides and halo rings.

Move over to the sides and this Logan starts to look even more special. The door frame close to the C pillar has been painted black to make the glass area appear larger and reduce the boxiness of the original design. Those shapely side skirts flow neatly into the rear wheel arches like they were designed for it. The partially masked tail lamps and black Renault logo complete a very neat rear.

Top Highlights

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But the main reason why it’s here on our pages is the way it sits on the road. The front chin is just a few inches from scraping the road and that gives it a great stance. It has been achieved through tauter H&R lowering springs that were later paired with Bilstein dampers. The result is a car that is very street-able and quite fun on the twisties, without being too harsh on the broken bits.

The interiors have been slightly done up with new red and black upholstery and finished off with a few quality bits from Sparco. Under the hood, the Logan gets a remap and a Green Storm cold air intake. A less restrictive exhaust has also been given for a rorty engine note. Low end responsiveness is better, but it is the mid range that has seen most improvement. There is a strong shove in the back, more than what you would associate with the 1.5dCi motor and that gives it plenty of passing power on the open roads.

Sadly, this Logan will soon cease to exist this way. As we wrap up this story it will be on its way to a new owner, but without all those parts that make it interesting. So, “what’s he gonna do with the parts?”, you might ask. Faizal loves everything about his Logan except, he wants it to make a better noise. So while everyone is trading their petrol car for a diesel, Faizal who likes to swim against the current, has bagged himself a sparingly run Logan 1.6 petrol and already fitted a free flow exhaust to it. “All these and some new parts will go into making that a better car”, he promised us. How can it be possibly better than this?

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