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January 5

With many high end builds successfully completed across the state, Lap47 is making big name for itself. We catch up with Lal Bharathan, the man behind it and his tuned Mercedes C class.

Keen eyed readers would have already spotted that this isn’t really a C63 AMG. It is however the full monte C250 CDI. And with the kit in place and the performance enhancements, Lal has cheekily named it the C25 S and applied the S badge from the AMG lineup. The C63 body kit has the deeper bumper with DRL and single slat front grille in place. The lack of a front number plate lends it a very clean look. The side skirts and rear valance are add ons too. The rear bumper houses the quad exhausts,  and there is a subtle carbon fibre spoiler on the boot lid.

The Karl Heinz Bauer designed W204 C class came out in 2008 and was a car that instantly appealed to everyone. This particular gen had its own identity looking less like a shrunken S class compared to the models before and after it; which depending on the way you look at it, can be a good thing or a bad thing. The styling was just right, the proportions were spot on and it was a good blend of classy and sporty lines. The facelift came in 2011 and the car had revised styling with new headlamps, bumper and grille. And with the facelift, the only criticism of the C class was addressed – its simple dashboard.  Where the old car had a small low res screen hidden behind a cover on the centre console, the new one proudly displayed a larger COMMAND screen with new interface. The standard four spoke steering made for a sportier C 63 AMG like smaller wheel.

Lal hasn’t bothered with the interiors at all. Instead, he has done a lot under the hood. The 2143cc OM651 four cylinder diesel engine is a capable engine designed for both transverse (A,B Class) and longitudinal (C, E Class) applications. In the C220 and C250, it benefits from a twin turbo setup ie – a small high pressure turbo providing boost at low rpm and a larger low pressure turbo for high rpm. Lap 47 has given it an Evotech remap with everyday practicality in mind. There is a firm shove of acceleration accompanied by a steady build up of speed. Even with the large wheels, you would never feel it lacking in power. There is strong midrange and that makes for quick overtaking moves on the highway. The 7g-tronic gearbox is the only weak link in the whole drivetrain and sometimes gets a little hesitant. Once you learn your way around the sloppiness of the gearbox, you could perhaps hurl this thing.

Top Highlights

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What sets it apart is the beautiful matte gun metal TSW Nurburgring wheels in staggered 19×8.5J and 9.5J setup. The stance is just perfect when it is sitting flat on a level road. The 245/35 R19 and 265/30 R19 tyres are stretched ever so slightly and the car sits on Vogtland springs.

Next up for Lal is the Vath intercooler and a Supersprint exhaust before he can do a stage 2 remap on it. With a business like his’, there won’t be any scarcity of parts, would it?

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