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February 13

You may subscribe to any school of thought but there is no arguing that wheels make the biggest difference to any car. It doesn’t matter how good the car you drive is, a set of dreary wheels will ruin it. Get it right and even the most boring of all tin cans will suddenly look interesting. There are times when you go hunting for the perfect wheels and it may take you over several months to find something you like. Or if you are really lucky, like Asif Ahmed here, you find a set of wheels by chance and then you start considering everything from hub adapters to PCD conversions to make them fit. Asif came across this set of Kahn wheels while talking to a friend. They came off an Audi Q7 and at a good price, he didn’t have to think twice. Then it was a hunt for a suitable hub adapter to make them fit on the 114.3×5 CR-V hub.

A set of H&R hub adapters did the trick and wrapped around frightfully expensive 285/35 R22 Yokohama tyres, the wheels were ready to roll. But Asif wasn’t quite so pleased, so he imported a set of BC Racing coilovers to bring it to the desired ride height. Adjustable in 30 steps, the coilovers make the CR-V feel tight and nippy. A certain amount of stiffness and incompressibility is desired as too much compliance will make the tyres catch on the wheel arches ruining the body lines and the paint work. Which would be a shame, considering how shiny the car is now. Custom painted in the glossiest black imaginable, the CR-V was giving me a hard time to shoot without any reflections and soon I couldn’t care less. The headlamps are aftermarket units with LED DRLs as are the LED indicators in the ORVMs. A very Euro side step has been provided, and most of the chrome work has been painted black. One got to say, the black grille looks cool, as does the smoked tail lamps and badges.

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The CR-V is a 2.4 automatic and to add a healthy growl to the engine, a K&N filter has been added. It is the insides that get a lot of kit. The leather seats have been treated to a complete revamp from COLORGLO, the audio system has been upgraded, there are CR-V Specific window shades, there is even a small Samsung refrigerator in the car. Asif also owns a Honda City and an Accord V6 (cover car Jan 2013) both black in car and lowered. Of all his Hondas- he says, this the most practical. If you can call 22inch wheels practical, that is.

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    Honda was talking about bringing their Rebel line up and other cruisers. And it would be interesting how it works if both join hands as HD will benefit alot from Hondas manufacturing insights and clean engine techs.

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