High Roller : W212 E Class


July 4

A lowered Mercedes with a roof box on top, is bound to draw some attention, but this was next level. Passersby were curious as to why it has a big silver thing on top as much as what was in it. I ask the owner, ‘was it really needed, with the 540 litre boot space it has?’. He says, “at times, there are other things you don’t want to carry in the boot”.

Azrif owns Superbee a shop which specializes in tuning and maintenance of Japanese and European cars. The E class with its luxury and comfort is the perfect family car and a project car to promote the business with.

This W212 E250CDI goes back to 2010, roughly the same time when it was launched in India. Azrif got the car from Haryana a few years back and it was in rather good shape. It is the traditional Merc colour of Iridium Silver metallic and he picked the AMG route for his mods. So an AMG body kit complete with front, rear bumpers and side skirts were imported. The traditional standing Merc logo on the bonnet was replaced with a flat emblem like in modern AMGs. There is a small roof spoiler and an even smaller one on the boot lid. The rear gets the AMG bumper with the black valance, but thankfully, Azrif hasn’t bothered to fit fake exhaust tips on it. “It’s a diesel and I don’t want to make it look rice. Lol. The AMG kit was added because I liked it and always wanted to have one” – says Azrif, who once owned a supercharged G55AMG among others.


The four cylinder diesel engine was perfect for his requirements although there is never satisfying one’s need for more power. A Dimsport remap was flashed in and a BMC intake was fitted on. It also runs Liquimoly Molygen performance oil. To drive, it feels a lot faster than a stock 250CDI, being more refined and responsive at low revs and getting a lot punchy where the turbo kicks in. The modifications have brought out more of the character of the 2.2 litre four cylinder although it still cannot quite match the creaminess of a 350 V6 diesel.

The car runs much lower on Triple S springs for the right stance. Further adding to the looks are the 18 inch AMG style staggered rims in 8 and 9 inch width. The wheels just stand right with the arches wearing wide 245/40 R18 rubber. The ride quality is decent and you can tackle most speed bumps without worrying too much, although you have to be mindful of the low bumper and side skirts. The car also runs Brembo rotors and pads on all four corners.


Cruising down the road with one hand out on the window, sun kissing the dashboard and the roofbox casting a shadow on the bonnet, I can’t help but think of the good times we are living in. Today you can pick up any car of your choice, from any manufacturer, find parts that you like and build it in a way that satisfies you and/or the internet. There is no right way or wrong way of doing things, as long as it makes you smile. It is not a fast car, or has the most desirable specs, but for cruising around the city, this one is perfect.

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