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June 1

Shravan was happily driving his Polo when we saw a Mustang on display at a Ford showroom. After spending considerable time checking out the Mustang, his attention turned to the test drive Figo diesel parked outside, which the friendly executive suggested, he took for a spin. He had never considered buying a Ford Figo, but loved the power delivery of the diesel. He thought to himself if he got rid of all that chrome, put new wheels and suspension, it wouldn’t be a bad choice. And then as luck would have it, one week later, the Figo S was announced. It had what he wanted, straight from the factory.

He didn’t test drive the S, beforehand, There were no test drive cars available. His only experience was with the standard car with 14 inch rims, standard tyres and suspension which he felt wasn’t grippy enough. He hoped the S would be better than that and was hooked on to media reviews before he made up his mind to buy one. He wanted silver, but only White and Black were available, and he settled for white.

The Figo has relatively small wheel arches from the factory. Shravan’s car runs on 17 inch rims, and he had to put ultra low profile 205/40R17 tyres to make them fit. If those looks familiar, that’s because they are the OE wheels that came in the Ecosport S and they are sweet. They can be ordered using the original part number from Ford and have corrected the wheel track too. The design is very similar to the Mk2 Focus ST wheels and they suit the tiny Figo so well. If you think the car looks great in the pics, you have to see it in flesh.

The car has a remap with K&N filter.  It drives great even with the bigger 17 inch rims. You get amazing drivability and there is a strong tug anywhere in the powerband when you floor it. The rush of power is much stronger with the remap and fuel efficiency hasn’t taken a big hit either. Shravan has a downpipe with him which he is yet to fit.  The car has its original springs swapped for Eibach pro kit springs. It offers decent ride quality and looks extremely cool with the wheels. How much improvement there is to the handling with these new springs, we can’t tell unless we drive it back to back with a standard car.

Shravan who did his BBA, is also into small customisation and sales of car parts. He started off selling rubber lips for cars in his closed circles. Friends used to make fun of him saying he should start a shop and call it Tortoise Tuning. Shravan liked the name and thought ‘Hey, that’s what we wanted to do – Take a slow car and make it faster.’ and thus Tortoise Tuning was born. Two years after he started, he is now doing well, offering rare parts and special services for reasonable money.  He used the money from his thriving business to remap his car, put new wheels on, get the suspension etc. He would also build cars for friends who can’t run around and get things done. He says he really wants to set up a workshop, do some salvage builds, restoration etc rather than pursue an MBA and get a job like everyone else. Whatever he ends up doing later, this small car has a big role in his life, being his daily, long distance companion and support car for his business.

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