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June 1

‘When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it’. You might think you missed the ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ to buy a particularly good car when it gets sold before you could react, only to see something even nicer turn up a few weeks later. But for Arjun Rajendran, there was a different plan.

Arjun had plans to buy this Skoda Laura RS when it came up for sale in 2016. The car had run about 66000km but the owner was asking Rs.12 lakhs for it. He did the sensible thing and bought a new Polo GT TSI because you know how hard it is to get good finance on a used car. He did a lot of things to the Polo and considered everything including a 1.8 TSI swap but he couldn’t get the Laura out of his mind. In 2019, he sold the GT and bought the very same car that he wanted in the first place. The irony of the story is that he bought it from another Quarter Mile reader who found it too much for everyday driving and bought a new GT TSI instead. One man’s poison is another man’s cure.

Arjun’s cars have been regulars at Quarter Mile due to the way he builds them, with equal importance given for looks and performance. This Laura got to him with most of its performance bits fitted. It already had an APR K04 turbo, Spec stage 3 clutch, Milltek Resonated exhaust, Pete’s remap etc. Where it could do better was in the looks department. It was not looking very clean and had black 17 inch aftermarket rims which didn’t suit the car very well. The paint wasn’t looking great and it sure could do with some upgrades.

He got the paint sorted, changed the headlamps and freshened up the whole car. He swapped the wheels for these 18 inch Audi RS3 style rims. It immediately bought a world of difference to the way the car looked. The car also sits nicely with Vogtland springs which the previous owner had put on. A suspension upgrade is a must for cars with so much power.

Fully built, these engine mods are good for 300+ bhp. The car already feels massively fast when given the beans. It also sounds good with the exhaust and blow off. In the hands of a good driver, it can keep up with some very fast machinery. But Arjun isn’t going to stop here and wants to put in a Wagner tuning intercooler and go for a Code6 remap. Plus an oil catch can, dual port diverter valve and bigger boost pipes are in his wish list too. The previous owner had fitted it with Tarox G88 rotors and pads but with the power upgrade, he thinks a 340mm big brake kit is in order.

Now having sold his Brio, L15 Jazz and Polo GT, this is his only car and daily driver. Arjun is in love with the Laura’s friendly size, practicality and fun nature. With the upgrades he has in mind, he will surely love it even more.

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Vivek Venugopal is one of India’s top automotive writers with over a decade’s experience in road-testing and reviewing cars. He is currently the Editor of Quarter Mile magazine and a columnist in several leading magazines and newspapers. He is also a highly sought after consulting engineer and market analyst for many automobile manufacturers.





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