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January 5

We have all sort of cars featured in the magazine. Some are pristine show cars, some only get to see the sun on weekends, some are proper race cars built with only one purpose in mind, some are stock looking sleepers to whose owners only performance matter, others are beaters made to look like tuner cars on the cheap.  But there is one category that appeals to everyone – a mildly tuned daily driver – a car that mixes a bit of styling mods, a few performance enhancements and loads of everyday practicality thrown into it. This Vento falls in that category.

Having a garage with three cars, all of which are the same colour, Remin Varghese from Kottayam picked this red Vento as his daily driver. And that means it bears a few bruises and scrapes from battling it out in the real world. Not that you can see any of those in our photos. His car recently received a set of mods, chief of which is the new OZ superturismo GT alloy wheels. It adds to the Cup car look along with the lowered stance. The car runs a set of Triple S lowering springs from Superbee Automobile Union. At the front, it wears a GTI style mesh grille with a blacked out VW logo and an offset VW Motorsports badge. Keen eyed VW enthusiasts will spot that the hexagons in this grille are a size larger than the original GTI grille. The original foglamps have been replaced with Hella Micro DE units. The rear has a set of tail lamps from the facelifted model which looks more detailed and has a nicer red tint.

Under the hood, the 1.6 litre EA288 engine has received an Evotech remap from Lap 47. The difference in power delivery is apparent the moment you move off the line, with the car pulling cleanly from low revs. The peaky shove in the back that you get from the factory state of the tune has been made more progressive. The power band is much wider making for good drivability on the highway too.

So what’s next? A Polo GTI is high up in his wish list and Remin says he wants to pick one up as soon as it gets launched. Until then, the Vento will do its daily chores with a double dose of fun.

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