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January 5

How long have you searched for the ideal project car? Did you spend a couple of weeks on the internet to find yours? Was it on sale in the next town you drove with your mate to check it out?  Most people start their hunt for the perfect car with high expectations, get hasty (or bored) after a couple of months and then settle for something average hoping to improve it later. But not these two brothers.

Mitsubishi enthusiasts, Nikhil Salim and his brother Akhil Salim got their car two years back. But it took them three years to find the right car. They searched far and wide for the perfect Cedia looking at every car available in the classifieds till a friend told them about this 2010 car in Chennai.  It was one of the special editions of the Cedia Sports which came with OZ alloy wheels, MOMO steering wheel and the lot.  It looked just right, and the brothers decided to pick it up.

They were initially satisfied with a full exhaust from Bhai and ran the car stock otherwise, and then decided it was time to up the ante and go full on with it. A quick call to Manoj Baby of 0-100 Autoworx, and a couple of weeks later, they had it just the way they wanted. The smoked headlamps and modified grille are details you sport from a distance although it doesn’t take a trained eye to notice the extra slotted vents on the middle and sides of the front bumper. The lower grille and fog lamp nacelles have been joined to make the car appear wider. We particularly like the way the splitter has been attached to the front bumper, forming a triangular frame held on by allen bolts. The red hood pins and logos stand in contrast to the white body. Formula GT3 style mirrors are an Evo influence and look really cool. The rear bumper has a very pronounced diffuser and two extra LED lights integrated into it. The spoiler has been painted black to mimic an absence of extra aero and make it look extra clean.

Top Highlights

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The Cedia runs a 3-way adjustable suspension setup from Hot Bits making ride height, preload and damping adjustable to suit the needs of the driver and track. 0-100Autoworx wheels, painted in matte anthracite look great against the white body. They are wrapped in 215/45 R17 Yokohama AR01 tyres while 20mm spacers take care of the wheel track at the rear.

The interiors have been left untouched. The Momo steering wheel, the black leather seats with red stripe in the middle and contrast stitching, the touchscreen infotainment system were all standard fitment in the special edition. Nikhil says they are not done with the mods and may go the forced induction route some time later but for now, it is the perfect car for his needs.

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