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February 26

At Quarter Mile, we have a thing for fast, affordable, small cars. So when a certain good looking white Polo was spotted in town, screaming past a couple of times, with an exhaust note that could have only come from a petrol four cylinder of the 1.6, we had to crack it down. We began enquiring, but with no registration number and no idea of where the owner lives, it was taking longer than usual.

Then one casual afternoon, thanks to the magical and slightly annoying world of Facebook, we got tagged in a photo with the Polo in it. While it is hateful to get tagged in eleventy million posts everyday on stuff we have nothing to do about, this seemed like god sent. As it turned out, the owner was already out friend on Facebook. Like they say, it’s a ‘small world’.

As few personal messages shot at each other, we were back in business. The car was ready and set next to a graffiti wall, it was looking better than we had imagined. Twenty two year old Abhishek P V bought his Polo 1.6 Highline in 2012, and like any of us buying a car back then, wanted a hatchback that performs like a fast sedan. He wanted a small car that is loud enough and started out the mods with the wheels. Lenso Project D monoblocks finished in black with a red outline wasn’t a bad choice. It goes well with the European looks of the car. Styling touches are minimal but we appreciate it when a car isn’t overdone.

Top Highlights

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The headlamps have body coloured eye lids on them and here is a red tow hook on the front bumper. He also gave liberal doses of carbon fibre vinyl on the roof and hood of the car while debadging the rear of any mono grams.

It is underneath that Abhishek has concentrated more. Open the hood and there is a k&N Apollo cold air intake system staring at you. The engine also benefits from a Pete’s remap taking the 4x2x1 exhaust into consideration. The combination of better breathing, exhaust and remap has worked wonders with the 1.6L VW lump, boosting midrange and top end performance considerably. Bilstein B14s at their lowest ride setting are the main reason why Abhishek’s Polo looks this good, but their effect of handling needs to be experienced. To exploit the performance and handling to the max, the Polo runs Tarox G88 slotted rotors and better brake pads.

Abhishek has bigger plans with the car with a GTI grille, GTI headlamps, Reiger body kit and Miltek exhaust, on top of his wish list. And just as we were going to print, we got a call from the guy saying he already got the headlamps. That’s one down, three more to go !!

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