In this latest fourth generation, the BMW X5 has grown again in size. The big one piece grille was the talking point in 2019, but I have gotten over them now especially after having seen what the 4 series will be coming with. And in any case, big grilles...
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Honda City
Unlike other parts of the world, the brand Honda has been synonymous with the City in India. It is the product that helped establish the brand in 1998 and has ever been the most important in its line-up. It doesn’t matter how many they are selling, Honda has always...
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Mahindra Thar
This is the car we never knew we wanted, till we saw it. After I posted a pic online, I was inundated by calls and personal messages from people wanting to know my opinion. Such has been the enthusiasm that every video review or social media content out there...
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These are two of my favourite things from the 90s coming together. A Mercedes – Benz W124 and a Toyota Supra 2JZ engine. The W124 is a late 80s and early 90s E class and is a byword for German reliability and over engineering. It can take quite a...
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