BMW X5 (F15)


July 1

Just as we prepare to welcome the new G05 generation of the X5, we get reacquainted with the third generation F15 and it is easy to see why it was quite popular.


The X5 is imposing with its size, yet manages to be easy to live with. There is a certain way a BMW shrinks around the driver and feels agile, and that is true for this two tonne SUV too. You can even hurl it around corners and have fun, which only a handful of SUVs, manage very well. The high seating position and good visibility help here too. The interiors are well made and the dashboard is very logically laid out. The seats are comfortable and you get decent amount of space too. This being a sporty SUV, the suspension is slightly on the stiffer side, although relatively smaller 19 inch wheels help here.


What will never go out of fashion is that 3.0litre N57 engine with 258bhp and 560Nm torque. It is strong right from 1700rpm and has huge reserves of power. The smoothness of the inline six and the manic power delivery when you ask for it, are what makes this engine special. The 8 speed ZF gearbox, as we have always maintained, is the best automatic transmission out there. The all-wheel drive system sends 60 percent of its power to the rear most of the time.

As we bid farewell to the F15 X5, it is hard to believe that this generation has almost run its course. It doesn’t feel outdated and can still hold a candle to many modern rivals in terms of handling. It is immensely capable and very sharp looking too. If you like this generation of the X5, now is your chance to get one and there are good discounts to be had too.

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