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February 13

It’s funny we predicted that the Brio will be the next tuning sensation here in India at the time of its launch, but never featured one till now. Not that there was a shortage of cars, somehow it didn’t happen. This car, for instance, belongs to Azrif Rasheed, one of QM’s close friends. It was right there in front of our eyes all the time, during impromptu meets, at coffee shops, restaurants, performance shops etc, but we never thought of taking a camera to it.

It’s one normal day when we were at Speedway, Kochi that we asked ourselves what would be the best car to take around a tight karting track, we thought of the Brio again. Quick calls and we had Azrif’s car, one of the best looking Brios around town. The scene was set for a photoshoot, but first, we had to see what H&R lowering springs, 17 inch alloys and tyres did to the Brio.

Well, in a nutshell, the results are good. The stock Brio is a good handler, but this one with stiffer springs is even better. Usually we recommend improving the dampers when the spring rate goes up, but out here on the smooth track, the lack of damping was not so much of a problem. The turn-in is sharp enough and the lack of body roll is noticeable right away. The front end feels more connected and the rear end is snappier than usual. 205/40 R17 tyres offer good grip and almost never slides unless you try to provoke a slide. The wider track makes it presence felt too. Of course, it would have been a completely different story out in the real world where the surface isn’t as smooth.

Top Highlights

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Styling is minimal but for something that was over styled from the factory, Azrif didn’t have to do much. The anthracite finish grille, the red Honda logos, the individual Day time running LEDs on the front bumper are great touches. The rear has been debadged and a short ham antenna has been added. The 17inch GTR alloys look smashing. The lowered stance helps everything look sharper and sportier. The near perfect off set of the alloys push each wheel to the wheel arches. The interiors are left as such and will remain so for quite some time as he is busy contemplating turbocharging the 1.2 iVTEC. Blimey!

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