Black Jack

Vivek Venugopal

November 5

The W205 C class came out in 2014 as a breath of fresh air. It’s long hood, sharply inclined windscreen, tight-fitting roof line and short rear was instantly sporty and appealed to everyone worldwide. The biggest trick every C class generation pulls is mimicking the S class looks and this W205 gen was almost a shrunk W222 S class. The details were right there and India got the sportier centre logo grille in place of the traditional sedan grille with standing logo on the bonnet.

The interiors were a class apart from everything else in its segment, taking cabin quality to an all new level. The seat controls and window switches are all milled aluminium, borrowed from the S class. The dashboard is logically laid out with hooded instrument console and a central infotainment screen. The seats are comfortable and well padded, you look forward to spending long hours in them.

Adil Ummer who owns this black beauty is a Doctor from Calicut. He loved the C class for its good blend of comfort, performance and luxury. It is a 2015 C220 CDI Avantgarde and he has gone for a mean AMG look for his car. The front end looks so purposeful with the bigger intakes on the bumper and the lower chin. The grille with centrally placed logo is painted black while the AMG special silver blade across the bumper is wrapped in carbon fibre. The rear bumper and side skirts are genuine AMG parts too. There is also a carbon rear diffuser with quad tail pipes and carbon lip spoiler. The chrome trim around the window has been blacked out to complete the mafia look.

The biggest difference is the bonnet with its prominent “powerdome” bulges that are exclusive to the C63 AMG. Adil didn’t order an AMG bonnet to get these; instead he got them done from a good bodyshop. They look exactly like the original and hadn’t he told us, we would have assumed they were OEM. Clever, huh?

Under that bonnet, the car gets a Redband Racing remap and it goes faster than any C220 we have ever seen. 170bhp and 400Nm are what it had when it rolled out of the factory. The 2.1 litre OM651 four cylinder engine wasn’t at its strongest or had the most refinement, when it comes to low end or peak top end. The remap has taken care of that, giving the feeling of a wider powerband. There is also a strong shove when you floor it, but unlike most remaps, isn’t concentrated at one part of the rev range. It feels linear and so in line with the character of a Mercedes.

Helping put that power down are the 245/45 R18 Dunlop Direzza tyres shod on Rotiform LAS-R wheels. Usually for a black car people opt for a contrasting wheel, but Adil has gone for matching black wheels that add to the sinister look. They are not an easy wheel to clean, but do look different and are a fresh addition to the scene. Adil says they are his favourite mods on the car yet.

When asked about what mods he has planned for it in future, he said a Brabus Diesel exhaust is on top of his mind. Also he has plans to switch to KW Street comfort suspension and fit Recaro AMG seats. With time, this C is only going to get better.

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