Beetle Mania

Vivek Venugopal

November 5

The Beetle may be gone without a successor but this iconic car will always have its retro charm. It is one of the most recognisable automotive shapes ever. And for many, like this one who likes to remain anonymous, looks are a big part of its appeal. “There was very little else to do, than put some nice alloys on it” he said.

It rides on 18 inch Rotiform TMB rims shod with 225/40R18 Michelin PS4 tyres. Even the standard ride height wasn’t so bad. The Beetle may only have a 1.4Litre turbo petrol engine, but it gets the 148bhp state of tune as the Octavia and not the 120bhp setup in the Jetta. And unlike the Octavia which only comes in a manual, this one gets the 7 speed DSG. Although flat-out acceleration to 100kmph takes around 9.1 seconds from standstill, it feels quite brisk. There is a decent amount of poke for everyday driving and that gearbox is very quick to respond to a downshift or upshift when you need it.

This particular gen Beetle uses the older PQ35 platform than the newer MQB. It has good grip and the chassis is somewhat engaging to drive. The ride quality is also very good for the Beetle to be a daily driver. The dashboard is part retro with body coloured panels, retro glove box, hooded cluster etc. with modern VW bits thrown in.

Last year, VW decided to axe the Beetle without a replacement any time soon. But we know this one will come back as an electric, some day.

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