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January 5

Built not bought is a common term used in the tuning circles. While we pride in ourselves having a great car that was built to our tastes, how many of us can park it in front of a house we have built? Meet Asif Ahmed – an architect from Kochi who in his spare time, is building cars and having fun with them. When we were looking for a nice backdrop for this photoshoot, we chose one of his villa projects, which as you can see from the pictures, is just as impressive as the car itself.

Asif is no stranger to Quarter Mile, having featured his two Accords, a CRV and E class in the magazine. His daily driver now is this Jetta diesel. And like the houses he builds, this one is unique. Just as the barren land he builds up dream houses from, this international spec Jetta started out in life as a humble diesel executive sedan.

First thing that strikes you is how different the front end looks with the VW badge removed. The centre of the grill was modified to remove the circle left behind the logo. It wasn’t easy because afterwards, you have to fill in the gap on the bonnet and bumper to get that clean look. This along with the GLI bumper makes big impact when viewed head-on. Everything has been tied together with glossy black for good measure. Even the tint of blue in the aftermarket LED equipped DRLs adds sophistication to the headlights.

The rear also has been completely de-badged and in its place you find a subtle Wolfsburg Edition logo on the chrome strip. The VW logo on the boot lid has been removed and a subtle spoiler added on top. The GLI Body kit also comes with different rear bumper and side skirts which go very well with the rest of the car.

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The interiors have been largely kept unchanged. The paddle shifters for the DSG have been given extenders for better reach. Like the exteriors, there is some Wolfsburg Edition influence inside too, but you have to look for them. Especially noticeable is the logo on the steering with the tartan pattern underneath and the seats. The infotainment unit also have Wolfsburg logos incorporated on their dials. In case you didn’t know it, the Wolfsburg Edition is a popular special from VW, offered in the Golf, Jetta and Passat, paying homage to the town Wolfsburg, where production of the Golf began in 1974. It is quite a popular name in the VAG tuning circles and aftermarket parts are much sought after.

The Jetta runs on 18 inch Avid-1 wheels. These machined wheels are low pressure cast wheels and are suitably lightweight. Asif has opted for a staggered fitment on the wheels and covered them with Nankang Noble NS 20 tyres in 225/40 R18 and 235/40 R18, front and rear. The wheels look perfect with the Bilstein B14 coilovers wound sufficiently low.

Powering the Jetta is the familiar 2.0 litre diesel which makes about 140bhp and 320Nm in stock trim. Asif was content with the performance, till someone convinced him to remap it. Some time spent with the knowledgeable guys at Code-6, the car is back faster than ever. The remap to the ECU and also tweaks to the DSG software have given it an even stronger shove in the back while accelerating. It also benefitted from a BMC replacement filter and Tekma Mega 15W40 engine oil. The extra grip from the tyres and tighter body control from the Bilstein B14 coilovers make this a great car when you are in the mood for having fun.

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