A Birthday Present


November 14

When it comes to building cars there is no cook book you can follow. It is your own recipe that often works.There has never been a shortage of modified Polos around where we live, but when you get a call from someone saying they got a Polo GT fitted with a Borla exhaust system, you gotta try it out. Meet Mr. Pranoy Saji and his white GT TSI.

Pranoy is 20 years old and is doing his LLB at Mar Gregorios College of Law. He got his car as an 18th birthday gift from his dad. Actually he got to choose what car he wanted and he immediately zeroed in on the Polo GT. They went to the showroom one afternoon and after much deliberation, chose a red TSI. Volkswagen, owing to the demand, couldn’t deliver the car on his birthday, as promised. And to make it worse, the car he actually got was a white one. Still, it was everything an 18 year old could have hoped for and Pranoy was not to complain about the colour or the delay.

He ran it almost stock for some time and then started thinking about a reliable remap. He got in touch with Lap 47 and opted for an Evotech remap. The results were more than good. There was an increase in response and overall power and it wasn’t consuming any extra fuel. He also got the grill and OE wheels painted black around the same time till it was time for his next birthday when he got another gift in the form of some wheels and suspension.

Having the driven the car ourselves, we have to say it is a fine little package now. There is an urgency in the way it accelerates. The exhaust adds a bass note to the engine, which goes a little vocal when upshifting enthusiastically. It is loud, but isn’t as intrusive as one might imagine. The suspension gives it good response and composure in corners. We didn’t push it much, but the car felt agile changing directions. Ride quality hasn’t taken much of a toll, but you do feel the occasional rut and potholes on our roads.


Next on Pranoy’s wishlist is uprated brakes and then upgrading to a stage two remap with the addition of an intake. He also has plans to add an aftermarket steering wheel with paddleshifts and may be the LED headlamps from the new GTI. At the moment he is enjoying the car, while being thankful to the guys at Lap 47 for making his car what it is today.

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